Mens Hair Replacement Units

Available Now In Preston & Bury

We are so pleased to be able to offer mens hair pieces in both our Preston and Bury stores. 

Pieces are custom colour matched to your own hair, fitted and cut in. 

Consultations are free, and can be booked online using the "Book Now" tab. 

The mens units are secured with a full PU base, using a water and sweat proof adhesive. You can swim in them, shower in them, style them as you please. Regular maintenance is essential though and key to keeping your unit looking as natural as possible. 

For existing clients, aftercare advice is as follows...


1. Do not get your hair wet for 2 days after application. Cut shower time down and reduce temperature so the steam doesn’t affect the adhesive. If you go to the gym, you might want to arrange your fitting appointment for the day before rest day, but after your training session so the sweat doesn’t affect the adhesive. This only applies for the first two days. 

2. When washing your hair, use a gentle rubbing motion using only the finger tips. You may wish to use a scalp clarifying shampoo (for the skin under the unit) and a deep moisturizing conditioner (for the hair on the unit). As it is not attached to your hair follicles and doesn’t get the same oil as the rest of your hair, it can feel dry after time if a deep moisturising conditioner is not used. 

3. Don’t leave conditioner on the head too long, it may cause the unit to slide. 

4. Blow dry on a low heat. Make sure all knots are removed gently before blow drying to avoid any snagging. 

5. If you know you move around a lot in your sleep or you have a heavy weekend ahead where you know you may not be in the frame of mind to take care of your hair piece, wearing a hair net could help preserve the fitting. Its not essential, simply a suggestion. 


1. If you choose to remove the unit yourself, please make sure you use a remover, even if the unit feels loose already. Spray or massage the remover around the edges of the unit, then gently ease the unit off. Don’t rush it or pull too hard as this may tear or rip the base of your unit. 

2. Use a damp flannel and mild soap to gently rub away any left-over adhesive from your scalp / base of the unit. 

3. Shampoo and condition your unit thoroughly before reapplying. 


I want you to feel confident with your unit and not tied to fortnightly appointments. While fitting your unit, I will talk you through some basic application instructions for you to follow should you feel ready to apply the piece yourself. Please remember, your own hair will most likely need cutting and blending for maximum results. 

If you would rather book in for your maintenance appointment please visit make an appointment using the "Book Now" option. 

It is advised that maintenance appointments should be scheduled every 2 weeks.