Body Piercing

Ear Piercing - Starts from £30. The price is for the pair, and depends on the style you choose. All ear piercing prices include the jewellery, piercing, aftercare and a goodie bag and certificate for the kids! 


Needle piercings *Mix and Match*

3 piercings  for  £50

(one  person)   or

4 piercings  for  £60

(split  between  2  people - needle  piercings  only)  

*Studex 75 ear lobes and genital piercings  not  included  in  offers    

Helix  £18

Conch  £22

Snug  £22

Rook  £25

Forward  helix  £22  

Scaffold  £25  (£28  with  dermal centre)  

Tragus  £22

Anti  Tragus  £22

Daith  £25  (£30  with  dermal  heart)  

Eyebrow  £20

Bridge  £25

Nose  £20

Septum  £25

Cheeks  £50

Dahlias  £50

Medusa  £25

Madonna  £25

Lip £22

Ashley  £25

Vertical  lip  £25

Smiley  £25

Frowny  £25

Tongue  web  £25

Tongue  £22

Snake  eyes  £30

Dermal  £22

Surface  £25

Nipple  £22  (both  nipples  for  £30)

Navel  £22


Just walk in for body piercing. If you are under 16 you must have parental consent. If you are over 16 you must bring ID



You will have been provided with a bag of organic fine grain sea salt. This is the only thing you should use to clean your piercing. Dissolve ¼ tea spoon of sea salt in ½ mug of boiled water and leave to stand until it is at a temperature that is still warm but won’t burn you. Wash hands thoroughly then soak a cotton pad in the solution and place on the piercing for 5 minutes (until it starts to cool down). Using warm water will help to open the pores. Make sure the piercing is thoroughly cleansed front and back. It is your responsibility to follow these aftercare instructions and once you leave the Capelli Remi store where your piercing was performed, the body piercer is no longer liable for your piercing. Repeat this process twice a day for the first two weeks and then every few days there-after. Should you run out of sea salt, please return to your nearest Capelli Remi store where we will be happy to provide you with more. Do not use table salt. Problematic piercings can often be caused by tight clothing causing aggravation, touching the piercing or cleaning it with unclean hands, bodily fluids or not following the suggested aftercare products. By using the appropriate aftercare solution, washing hands and keeping irritation to a minimum you will ensure the best possible healing environment for your piercing. Should you encounter any problems, please feel free to call us or pop into your local Capelli Remi as soon as possible. Should you remove the piercing or replace it with jewellery from another store, it makes it very difficult for us to help you. If possible, keep the piercing in and call into see us asap. Photos of your piercing may be taken by the piercer, with your consent. By signing this form, you have consented to Capelli Remi Limited using your photo on social media or for advertising purposes. Should you wish to abstain from this, you must tick the appropriate box on the consent form. When you have a piercing done, you must be aware that there may be some minor swelling or scarring to the area. Although not a common occurrence, some piercings have the potential to reject, or grow out. This is only a caution and you will find that there is only a very small amount of people which this will affect. We hope your experience with us has been a pleasant one and that we will see you again in the near future!


All ear piercings - 6 weeks

Nose and mouth, including tongue - 2 weeks 

Eyebrown and dermal / skin divers / surface bars - 6 weeks

Nipples and belly button - 6 weeks 

Genitals - 6 weeks 

Please note that this is an average healing time. Every body is different and all piercings will heal differently in their own time.