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Q & A

eBlack Friday - All Body Piercing £10! 

Our Black Friday body piercing event has become a huge annual event, with people coming from all over the country to be pierced and contribute toward our attempt to set the world record! 

Naturally, we get bombarded with questions, so heres a few answers to popular ones...

Q: When is Black Friday?

A: Black Friday 2018 is on the 23rd November. 

Q: What time do you open?

A: Preston will be open from 5am to 7pm. Please wrap up warm as you may be queuing for some time. 

Bolton and Bury will be open 8am to 6pm. 

Q: Do I need to book? 

A: No, This is a turn up and queue event. 

Q: What price are piercings on the day? 

A: £10per piercing or 3 for £25.

Q: What age do you pierce at?

A: If you have parental consent we can pierce most body parts. Parental consent can be obtained in person or over the phone. On Black Friday it does get very busy - to help speed up the queue's we would prefer parents to be with you in person. 

*This does not apply for nipples. We wont pierce nipples unless you are 16 or over with photo ID.

Q: Are nipples included on Black Friday?

A: Yes. Please bring ID. We wont pierce nipples if you are under 16.

Q: How much is it for both nipples pierced? 

A: £10 per piercing - assuming you have 2 nipples that equals £20.

Q: Are dermal included on Black Friday? 

A: Yes. 

Q: What material is you body jewellery made from?

A: We only use implant grade titanium to pierce with. Once your piercing has healed you can put what you like in it. 

Q: How long will my piercing take to heal?

A: All piercings are different and every body heals differently. We will provide a guide healing time but your body may take longer. 

Q: Do you use a gun to pierce with? 

A: We only use the gun on ear lobes. All other piercings are performed with needles. 

Q: Are lobes included on Black Friday?

A: Yes, lobes count as one piercing, as the earrings come in the box as a pair. Please note we will not be piercing children under 10 years on Black Friday. 

Q: Does the scaffold piercing count as 1 or 2 piercings? 

A: Just 1, so it would be £10.

Q: How many piercings can I get at once?

A: 3 piercings maximum per person. 

Q: Can we buy vouchers on the day instead of queuing?

A: Yes, you can buy vouchers. They will be valid for 7 days, so your last date to use them is FRIDAY 30TH NOVEMBER. After this date you can redeem your voucher against another piercing. For example, if you wanted your belly button piercing on the 1st December, you can use the voucher and would only need to pay £12 on the day (Belly button piercings are £22). 

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